10 Ways To Tire Out Your Dog

Photo by Anthony Fomin on Unsplash

Is an hour-long walk not enough for your dog to spend all his energy and be tired out? Some really seem to have endless energy. You’ll need some tips to tire your dog out if you don’t want them to become destructive and be all over the place. Walks are quickly becoming boring and old-fashioned. What’s the solution? Here are ten!

#1 – Use a flirt pole

This toy is usually destined for cats. A beefed-up and tougher version can however be used for your dog to play with. It is kind of similar to a fishing pole: a plush toy is attached to a string attached to a stick. Using it so your dog can practice his hunting skills and have fun at the same time can quickly tire them out!

#2 – Play fetch

The traditional version consists of throwing a ball as far as your arm strength lets you, but it could be much more sophisticated. If you live in a house with multiple levels, you can use the stairs: toss the ball downstairs and let your pup bring it up back to you. Outside, you can use a frisbee or a ball chucker to make your dog run further to return the item to you.

#3 – Set up an obstacle course in your home

You can use about anything to create an obstacle course at home: toys, hula hoops, couch cushions or furniture. The next step would be teaching your dog to navigate it, tiring him out both physically and intellectually in the process. This method is particularly effective.

#4 – Teach new tricks

It is a myth that an old dog can’t be taught new tricks. They are always in to learn new things, and the concentration that requires tires them on different levels (mind and body). You could, for example, include your pup in a dog sport, such as agility or flyball, where they are mentally and physically engaged.

#5 – Play tug of war

Some dogs adore this! Bonus point: it is beneficial for you too, as it represents a great strengthening workout.

#6 – Hide their treats, use treat-dispensing balls, or use food puzzle toys

Make your pup earn their food or treats. Keep them busy by hiding their food around the house, in a different place each day. You could use a treat-dispensing ball and let your dog chase it around the house to keep them busy without making any effort. Smart dogs love the challenge of resolving a food puzzle to get their treats.

#7 – Go to the dog park

Most dogs love playing with other dogs. Taking your dog to the dog park may be a great opportunity for them to make new friends and have an enjoyable time all while tiring themselves out. If it isn’t the best option for your pup, you could consider arranging dates with one or two dogs that you know yours likes in a fenced-in backyard.

#8 – Have them chase bubbles

Dogs love chasing things and kids enjoy blowing bubbles. It may be a great combo to ensure a fun playtime for both of them!

#9 – Play with a hose

If your dog loves water, taking them to a garden hose to play with the water may be a great idea. Kids can join in the fun as well!

#10 – Go hiking

Hiking around a lake, through the woods or up a mountain is more challenging physically and interesting mentally than a simple walk in the neighborhood. However, you could choose a flatter path that isn’t much different from your usual walks and still the smells and sights would be different and therefore more interesting and engaging.