7 Reasons To Give Your Older Dog Turmeric Every Day

Photo by Jacob Postuma on Unsplash

You’ve certainly heard about the benefits of turmeric, not only for humans but for pets too! Those benefits apply to any dog and any age, but senior dogs are more likely to need them.

Also known as Indian saffron, turmeric is the spice that gives curry its famously known yellowish color. Curcumin – the active ingredient in Turmeric – is often a component of veterinary approved dog supplements thanks to its natural inflammatory and antioxidant characteristics. Nutritionists and researchers are preaching its medicinally effective effects for the mind and body of both humans and animals.

It has been proven that the Curcumin found in Turmeric provides the 7 health benefits listed down below:

  1. Fights Aging by Reducing & Preventing Chronic Inflammation

Not all inflammations are unhealthy; short-term ones are actually beneficial for the body: they fight off foreign pathogens. On the other hand, long-term inflammations might be the sign of almost every major disease: heart disease, dementia, metabolic syndrome, cancer, and many degenerative conditions. A study showed that Curcumin is as effective in reducing inflammation as most anti-inflammatory drugs, but without the side effects!

Dogs that suffer from arthritis or joint inflammation are likely to see great benefits from Turmeric.

2.     May Reduce Chronic Pain

Inflammation generates pain, and here too, Curcumin’s natural anti-inflammatory properties help to reduce the pain and damage caused by many diseases (cf. #1). Numerous studies on humans came with this conclusion: Turmeric might be as effective as ibuprofen and with fewer side effects. (N.B.: NEVER give your dog ibuprofen.)

3.     Promotes Cardiovascular Health

One of Curcumin’s many properties is to be a great blood thinner. That reduces the risks of blood clots and helps the body to get rid of the excess of cholesterol. Besides, it improves the lining of the blood vessels (aka. Endothelium) which regulates blood pressure and helps in blood clotting.

4.     Aids in Digestion

The liver produces bile to break down fat to ensure healthy digestion. If this system is ever broken, many complications may ensue liver, gallbladder and intestinal issues, notably. Curcumin is well known for its bile production stimulation effects. Turmeric could be especially good for underweight, pregnant or nursing dogs as they need more fat in their metabolism.

5.     Shows Promise with Cancer Patients

Several studies conducted by the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) have proven that Curcumin might be effective with cancer patients. It seems to considerably stop cancer cells’ growth and development as well as their spread at the muscular level. It has also been proven to restrain the growth of blood vessels within tumors and help the process of killing cancer cells.

6.     Promotes Healthy Brain Activity in Aging Dogs

The rates of Neuro-degenerative diseases in India is particularly lower than that of the western nations and that’s for A study by NCBI also showed its benefits in clearing Amyloid plaques in the brain that cause dementia.

7.     Promotes Healthy Joints in Senior Dogs

It is well known amongst senior dog owners that joint pain and mobility issues are the main signs of aging. It begins with the dog having difficulties to get up or stopping greeting their owner at the door when they come home. Turmeric is the go-to supplement for senior dogs because the Curcumin it contains fights inflammation and pain.

How to Give Turmeric To Your Dog

Some people simply incorporate ground Turmeric into their dog’s usual food, but that might be slightly problematic.

First, not all dogs appreciate the taste of Turmeric and might refuse to eat their dish; therefore, it must be disguised.

Second, and that’s where the real issue is, the absorption of Turmeric by the body is poor. However, by adding two components – healthy fat and black pepper extract –, the percentage of absorption has been found to increase.

Since the majority of senior dogs are already given a joint-care supplement (ie. Glucosamine), the simple way to add Curcumin to your dog’s lifestyle is to find a formula that combines Turmeric, healthy fat and black pepper.

If you judge it necessary to give your dog Turmeric supplements, you might consider trying the Project Paws Advanced Joint Care Supplement with Turmeric. Besides Turmeric, it also contains 7 active ingredients that help your dog have healthy joints and improves mobility. Of course, and like any other product bought on iHeartDogs.com, each purchase supports animal shelters.

Turmeric is pretty safe for most healthy dogs but it might cause certain complications for dogs with certain conditions, such as diabetes and stone kidneys. Consulting your vet before giving your pet any supplement or medication is, therefore, more than necessary.

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