7 Surprising Reasons You Should Sleep With Your Dog Every Night

Photo by thesleepjudge

Contrary to popular belief, letting your dog sleep with you in your bed has nothing dirty or unhealthy. Surprisingly enough, it’s even good for both of you.

Yes, there are a lot of upsides to letting your pup friend spend the night cuddling next to you in bed. It even has health benefits and makes your dog happy. So who wouldn’t want to make the best of it?

If you already have this habit of snuggling up with your fluffy best friend and love it, keep going – it’s a win-win for everyone!

#1: They Give You Comfort

Your fluffy, warm dog and its soothing breathing will for sure provide you a calm and cozy night of sleep.

#2: They Fight Insomnia

The sole presence of your dog’s body next to you is an anti-stress itself; it brings your soul calm and a feeling of safety that chases away insomnia and the dark thought that come with it!

#3: Snuggling With Your Dog Reduces Anxiety

Therapy dogs have proven the efficiency of a pup when it comes to spread positive vibes and instantly relieve your anxiety after a particularly stressful day.

#4: Body Warmth

Dogs are fluffy and instinctively cuddly. This winning pack guarantees you a warm sleep on a chilly night. Who would say no to that?

#5: They Are Great Antidepressants

Dogs are very well known for the unconditional love they offer their owners. Depression is often associated with a feeling of loneliness and receiving this amount of love without asking might just suck it out of you!

#6: A Feeling Of Safety

Another presence always provides a feeling of safety, especially when you’re sleeping and have no idea what’s going on around you. Bonus point if it’s a dog: their hearing is supernatural and it will wake you up the minute a danger shows up!

#7: It’s Good For Your Dog, Too!

The same way cuddling with your dog all night fills you with joy and love, it makes your dog happy, too! You are their favorite living being and having this extra moment of closeness will make them extremely happy.