This is What Your Favorite Dog Breed Says About You

Photo by Vlad Tchompalov on Unsplash

Although we, as dog lovers, are fond of all dogs, we all have a slight preference for one particular breed. It doesn’t mean it’s being selective, it’s just that that one breed holds a special place in our hearts for a reason or another.

And the fact that we have a penchant for a breed’s characteristics actually says a few things about ourselves. Here, we have listed 24 breeds of dogs and associated them with some psychological facts about their lovers!

1- Golden Retriever

If your favorite pup is the Golden Retriever, you’re quite possibly the friendliest person in your entourage. Your open-mindedness makes you get along with all types of people and so it isn’t hard for you to meet new people and make new friends! And once you call someone your friend, you would do about anything to see them happy.

2- Doberman

Your intelligence is likely to be superior to normal, and that might make you come off as intimidating to people who don’t know the sweet and protective person that’s behind that IQ. Once people overcome their quick, misplaced, first judgment on you, they discover the loveable person you really are.

3- Poodle

Your allure and charism, directly visible from the way you walk, are great assets for you to meet new people and get well-received by them. However, some might think you are too confident and that gives you an air of superiority. It shouldn’t fool them, you know how and when to have fun!

4- Great Dane

Kindness and gentleness are two traits that you share with this lovely dog. You have a share of compassion for everyone and treat all people equally. You’re easily recognizable by your silent presence.

5- Pug

One thing is sure, we don’t get bored in your company! Your energy and cheerfulness are contagious and people love spending time with you for that. However, cuddles and rest are essentials for you.

6- Boston Terrier

You are a sensitive flower, with a tough shell. It makes you a great listener and the person most of your people choose to confide to: you are always welcoming!

7- Beagle

You are very curious, about everything. This rays the word boredom from your dictionary because you’re always in to try new things and keep yourself busy. But sometimes, with your happy-go-lucky philosophy, you get yourself in some trouble!

8- Chihuahua

Once you enter a room, you can’t go unnoticed. Your strong and at times bossy personality is so dominant it allows you to take up the whole room. You feel confident when in charge, and you have no problem standing up for yourself and others! Your tendency to snap when someone crosses the limits makes people think twice before trying to get you mad.

9- Labrador Retriever

People feel very comfortable around you. You are a calm and cool person who doesn’t let insignificant events affect you. Your philosophy in life is to take each day at a time because, why so serious?

10- Dachshund

Your personality stands out; no one’s like you! Your originality and sociability make you often the center of attention, and it doesn’t quite bother you!

11- Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

12- Pit Bull

Judging others is not a trait one would associate to you; you know how it hurts to be unfairly judged and wouldn’t want anyone to experience that. And even if people judge you more often than not, you don’t resent them – you’re a lover, not a fighter. You have great control over yourself: you can be gentle or tough according to each situation and it makes you great at assessing situations.

13- Husky

They say you either are born a leader or you are not and well, you are! Your strong and wise personality adds to your ability to show others the way. This also lets you get whatever you want in life; you are a winner. You are not the type to sit doing nothing, you always need to be constantly active!

14- Mixed Breed

You live your life to the fullest and always give it your 100%. Very spontaneous, you rarely make plans and take life as it comes, because you always could change your mind at the last moment. There is something about you that attracts people to you, which is why you get along with different types of people.

15- Corgi

16- German Shepherd Dog

You are a very reliable person and people trust you with their business because of your intelligence and physical strength. You’re a busy bee, not afraid of hard work, so settling isn’t for you!

17- Bulldog

Your charism is certainly one of your biggest assets. But you are also a simple person that enjoys just spending quality time with your loved ones. Aside from your occasional grumpy side, you are easy to talk to and so making new friends isn’t an issue for you!

18- Dalmatian

Life is an adventure to you; you always are thirsty for new experiences and crave discovering things that are unknown to you. You follow your dreams no matter what and make sure you get the most of everything you engage in.

19- Boxer

Humor is your weapon to face every life situation. You take life so lightly being serious could be difficult for you at times. Your friends love you for your trueness and playfulness; time spent with you is always enjoyable with the happy person you are.

20- Schnauzer

Definitely not the shy type, you don’t hold your tongue when it comes to speaking up for yourself when something is bothering you. You couldn’t care less about the opinions others have about your life thanks to your bold personality.

21- Yorkie

Sass is your thing, and you won’t let anyone tell you what to do and how to do it. Taming you is an impossible mission! Devoted and loyal to your loved ones, you appreciate to be well surrounded. You are open-minded but also love a bit of stability.

22- Rottweiler

A sad fact: people think you’re as tough as you let appear. It would be lying to say you aren’t strong and resilient but if one takes the necessary time to dig in a little deeper, they will discover the sweet soul underneath.

23- Border Collie

You constantly have that urge to do something and not just sit in front of TV binge-watching your favorite series for the fourth time in a row. You have endless energy and need to spend it on various activities and work to get what you want. You are also very smart and people know it, it’s one of the many reasons they like you.