This Is Why Dogs Follow You Into The Bathroom. I Never Knew This!

Nerc0n1C on Youtube

Dog owners know that having a loyal pup in the house is an unbelievable source of love from dog to owner, they are our best friends! In general, dogs make it really clear when it comes to letting you know how much they love you and understanding it is fairly easy; but they may behave in more subtle manners as well!

Regrettably, only a few of us are as good in talking to pets as Dr. Doolittle, but we here are 12 signs your pup makes and what they actually translate to!

Puppy-Dog Eyes

We start with a classic, it’s often imitated by younger kids whenever they need to beg for something. Dogs, on the other hand, do it to show you love and enforce the bond of trust between you.

Following You Around

It may come off as clingy and not really ideal when it is frequent, but dogs following your every step is admittedly really cute. Vets affirm that it is their instinct to do things with the family that drives them to adopt such behavior. Adorable!

Giving You Little Gifts

Does your lovely friend like to offer you little gifts from time to time? It is simply because dogs want to share their joy with others, and you’re the best bet to do so!

Cuddling After Diner

Just like humans, dogs don’t like to be interrupted during their meals because they are fairly enough keen on their food. But cuddling with you after their tummies are full just shows how comfortable your pup is around you!

Licking Your Body Or Face

While some people love it and some are grossed out by it, all dogs love putting a slobbery kiss on people’s faces from time to time. It is a submissive behavior dogs adopt to ease their stress knowing you are in control but also a sign of love, obviously.

Going Wild Whenever You Return Home

It doesn’t only happen in movies; the second they hear you coming back home, your dog is so excited to welcome you chaos is ensured – they are simply overjoyed to see you again! Their enthusiastic reaction is their own way of saying “I’ve missed you”.

Knowing When Something Is Wrong

Pups don’t need to speak human the language to sense when something is wrong or you aren’t especially in a good mood. They are very good at reading body language and using their senses to detect if something isn’t going well. They are therefore more than keen to try to cheer you up and solace you.

Crawling In Your Bed

On some mornings, getting out of your bed can be really difficult, but maybe your best friend would join you in once in a while. They don’t only sit there because it is more comfortable for them, but also to somehow keep you close when you are away, for work or else.

Trying To Get Your Opinion

When you have the feeling that your pup is trying to get your approval on what they are doing, it’s surely because they value your opinion. A little love and affection go a long way!